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Present your offer, your artwork

In February 2023, we will start providing content in Italian and English, more languages to come later. If you speak Italian, you can partner with us and have a free membership, please contact us on this page.

We are initially focusing on the French-speaking community.

Overcome all technological barriers easily. No matter your age, your background, your gender/orientation or your origin/ethnic. Wherever you are on your journey, you can do it!

You want to follow the creation of several online solutions?
Self-hosted with a web host and WordPress and its extensions? or all hosted on systemeio or Shopify?

Come and build together: you will learn how to make:

  • a basic site or a more complex one such as a membership site, an e-commerce shop, a directory, a blog-farm or more
  • email marketing with sales funnels and automation
  • Print on demand and publishing

Come, follow along and see how we build them and learn with us, be inspired!

You can sign up below to make sure you’re notified of the soft-launch and be able to qualify for the “Founding members” continuous price.

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What is to come

We will offer you tutorias to show you how to manage your website, how to create it with WordPress, improvements to make your life easier, content editors, security and search engine optimisation and design.

We will also offer templates for your websites, as well as benefits that we will negotiate with internet providers such as web hosts and WordPress extension vendors.

Other platforms will be discussed as well as how to create a static site. Other platforms may be, the full marketing suites on or Odoo, or Brizy, Wix, EditorX, Squarespace, Webflow, Shopify, etc. and will be compared to each other and to WordPress.

Traditional social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), video-only networks (YouTube, TikTok, Twitch), new networks (uHive, etc.), as well as specific networks for a particular audience (Behance, BandCamp, etc.)

Email marketing, how to create your contact list, what content to offer, how to create sales funnels, and what tools to use.

What products to offer, whether physical products, info products, third party products in affiliation…

You will be able to follow how to set up such online presences: membership sites, online courses, e-commerce, affiliation, dropshipping/sourcing, networks of hosted sites, etc.

New technologies to share and/or sell your creations: marketplaces, NFT, Print-on-demand, etc. or artificial intelligence to promote your products (there will even be a small AI bot for members only 🤖)

Tips on applications for your local computer (Windows, Mac) and phones (Android/iPhone).

Inspiration and motivation sessions, because we won’t let you down. Synergies and interactions will be possible between members through a forum and groups and especially the facilitation of “Accountability and Mastermind” groups.

Any other topic that is brought up by one of our members will be addressed so that everyone can find answers to their questions and feel at home.