What’s in it for you?

What is in Interaction.Site for you?

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The focus of Interaction.Site is to allow you to create, grow and manage your online presence.

It covers different areas, some have detailed entries on separate pages.

You may be at different levels in each of these areas. You may be highly skilled in one area and want to learn more about others. Let’s share! If you have skills on any of those topics, please contact here and earn extra months of membership!

Note for Founding Members: we are creating courses with you over time. As a Founding Member, you might find the place quite empty! That’s why you benefit a highly reduced price and are given the opportunity to contribute.

Each event and tutorial will be labelled with the corresponding category and level (such as B5, D3, etc), so you’ll know straight away where the objective is. Level 1 content might be made publicly accessible (TBC).

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  • A. Mindset
    • Attend motivation calls
    • How to adapt and thrive in a dynamic digital landscape
    • Building perseverance in the face of challenges
    • Overcome the impostor syndrome, procrastination and limiting beliefs
    • Embracing learning and growth opportunities
  • B. Community
    • Join a Mastermind group, facilitated by Interaction.Site, this only is worth joining us! More information
    • Attend, or co-organise, ISLE meetings and community retreats (more information soon)
    • Creating engaging online communities
    • Building valuable professional networks

Building together: for full launch later in 2024

  • C. Branding
    • Your message: Why, What, For Whom?
    • Identifying and understanding your audience
    • Crafting messages that resonate with your audience
    • Design principles for impactful visual identity
    • Authenticity and ethical marketing
  • D. Website
    • Understanding the fundamentals of website technology
    • Choosing a hosting company
    • Everything WordPress (more information coming soon)
    • Ensuring your website’s security and reliability
  • E. Design
    • Principles of designing for a great user experience
    • Accessibility
    • Build for mobile
  • F. Content
    • Developing a compelling website content strategy
    • Tips for writing engaging and persuasive web content (see more under AI)
    • Utilising images, videos, and audio effectively
  • G. SEO and metrics
    • Understanding the basics of Search Engine Optimization
    • Adapt in a dynamic SEO landscape
    • AI, the next ranking?
    • Gather analytic data while respecting privacy
  • H. Social media
    • Understanding different social media technologies
    • Keeping up with the latest in social media
    • How-to tutorials
  • I. Email marketing
    • Understanding the essentials of email marketing
    • Building and managing email lists
    • Study the launches of known marketers (we do NOT share any premium content)
    • Tools and How-to tutorials
  • J. Your offer
    • What do you offer?
      • Virtual Products (software, e-books, courses, memberships, etc.)
      • Services (coaching, consulting, done-for-you services, public speaking, etc.)
      • Physical Products (online or offline shops, supply chain)
      • Artwork (Print-on-demand platforms, physical art pieces, event tickets for performers, book publishing)
    • Creating products that resonate with your audience
    • Effective strategies for online selling
    • Managing the logistics of product sales
  • K. AI
    • Understanding the basics of Artificial Intelligence
    • Leveraging AI for marketing success
    • Navigating the ethics of AI usage
    • Staying ahead with emerging AI technologies
  • L. Devices
    • Tools to use on your desktop and mobiles
    • How-to tutorials
    • Security

Your Journey Diagram

The key word is progress! In a few months’ time, you’ll be able to see how much progress you’ve made by comparing your current and future Journey Diagrams.

Journey Diagram, levels 1 to 6 on different topics

Download here!

  1. Level 1: Initiate – The First Spark
    • Your journey begins here, marked by curiosity and a desire to learn. Like the first spark in darkness, this stage is filled with exploration and discovery, laying the groundwork for your future accomplishments.
  2. Level 2: Apprentice – Emerging Clarity
    • As an apprentice, you start piecing together the basics. This stage is akin to the first light of dawn, where shapes and patterns start to become clear, and your foundational skills begin to solidify.
  3. Level 3: Intermediate – Steady Glow
    • Now, concepts start to resonate more deeply. You’re connecting the dots, gaining confidence as your understanding grows. It’s like a steady glow, illuminating the path ahead with greater clarity.
  4. Level 4: Advanced – Bright Confidence
    • At this advanced level, your skills shine brightly. You can navigate complex challenges with competence and assurance. Each mistake is a learning opportunity, contributing to your ever-brightening skillset.
  5. Level 5: Expert – Radiant Knowledge
    • As an expert, your knowledge and insights are profound and impactful. You’re not just using your skills; you’re expanding them, inspiring others, and leading with wisdom and creativity.
  6. Level 6: Visionary – The High Noon Brilliance
    • Reaching the visionary stage means you’re at the peak of your abilities. Your mastery is characterized by innovation, leadership, and the creation of new paths. You’re a guiding light in your field.

Selective Focus – Choosing Your Battles Wisely

Understanding that not every area requires mastery is important. Sometimes, wisdom lies in recognizing when to delegate or focus your energies more strategically. It’s about illuminating the areas where you can shine the brightest. Enter N/A on the Diagram’s level 6 in areas you want to delegate!

Soft Launch open! Click here to be part of the Journey

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