Earn additional months of membership

If you’re actively involved with Interaction.Site, you can earn additional months towards your membership renewal through specific contributions, and if you are a founding member, your rewards are doubled.

By contributing, you’re not just earning rewards, your actions shape our community. So, jump in, make those connections, and see how your contributions enrich us all. Let’s collaborate, grow, and light up our community together, with each of us playing a part in creating something truly special.

Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Referrals: You’ll be rewarded 1 month for every person you refer to Interaction.Site.
  • Partnerships: If you help by providing translations or creating content with us, you’ll receive 1 month.
  • Ongoing Contribution: By moderating a forum in your language or hosting Interaction.Site Live Events (ISLE) in your area, you’ll earn one free month of membership for each month you contribute, potentially renewing your membership for free through ongoing contribution.

Please let us know below how you want to take part into this program

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