A word from the founder

I, Patricia BT, want to share what drives me to run Interaction.Site for you!


I believe that communication between people is the key to a better world. I believe we can live a happier life doing work we love and earning a living with the pride of doing honest work that also allows us to give something back!

Communicating across borders, languages and different cultures is a treasure to be cherished and we should do all we can to radiate this state of mind to set an example, so that current and future generations do not sink into hatred of our neighbours!

Mission statement

I’m committed to helping every member of the Interaction.Site community start, grow and manage their online presence, at a fair price for their membership.

No one knows everything and everyone knows something to share! A community of members is the best place to gather all the knowledge that can be useful to others. For example, one person may be good at communication, mindset and community, but have little knowledge of website building, while another may be an expert in website design, but have little knowledge of marketing. We can all learn from each other. No one needs to fear being judged on their skills and abilities!

We promote ethical, win-win strategies.

I want this place to be as safe and welcoming as possible, which is why we have a Code of Conduct.


  • From “Live Your Legend”: Scott Dinsmore’s vision and his passing reminded me of the power of supportive communities. This experience showed me how we can inspire each other across the world.
  • Fizzle: The entrepreneurs’ community, now closed, offered tutorials and members’ forums. It’s a bit like what we do here, but without the international/multilingual component.
  • A Decade with WordPress: Organising WordPress events, from local meetups to the biggest of all WordCamps (WordCamp Europe) showed me the importance of local actions and their global impact and how to connect between communities.

Let’s build bridges, not just networks! Join us here!


We are NOT related to InterAction.org, an alliance of NGOs founded in the United States.

I found out about them recently and thought maybe we should change our name, but decided against it. Our full name includes the word “.Site” (it is not “Interaction”, it is “Interaction Site“). We are a site where members interact!

But I love what they do and we’re in line with our common values. Take a look!

Sustainable and accessible?

I hesitated before posting this, so as not to give the impression of greenwashing! But I opted for transparency.

Giving back

Interaction Site is one of my professional projects, it is a for-profit. I need this project to be profitable before I commit to giving any money.
However, as soon as this is the case, including by paying myself a salary once I’ve set up my LLC, and possibly by taking on staff, the following will be done and listed here with dates and amounts. Know that part of the money you pay for your membership will then be spent on making the world a better place.

1% For The Planet

Give to the following non-profit organisations, via the amazing 1% for the Planet project (founded by Yvon Chouinard creator of Patagonia and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies). Yvon said “It’s a cost of doing business on this planet. It’s not philanthropy—it’s an absolute necessity for us living on this planet. It’s the opposite of doing nothing.”

We would like to give to:
Jane Goodall (page on 1% for the Planet)
Eden Projects (page on 1% for the Planet)
Charity: Water (page on 1% for the Planet)
StopEcocide (page on 1% for the Planet)

Five for the Future

Sponsor a contributor to the open source WordPress project.

Why? Because WordPress powers 43% of the web and plays an extremely important role in allowing everyone, including non-profits, individuals and groups of people who are often under-represented, to make their voice heard, on a site where they own their data and thanks to open source code!

First, I’m going to sponsor myself to continue working 10-20 hours a week as a WordPress contributor (so far, unpaid and unsponsored contribution). Then I’ll sponsor another contributor to work about 4 hours a week to start with. You will be able to apply here when this will be ready.


We do not accept sponsorships for ourselves. However, we would like to facilitate contacts between:

  • People for whom the cost of membership is too high, please contact.
  • Companies or individuals wishing to sponsor the above mentioned people by paying their membership fee (and appearing on the sponsors’ page), please contact.
    (thank you Anne-Mieke for this great idea)

Do not join Interaction.Site

We do not want you to join us if you are not committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, disability or illness, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), age, caste, social class, skills and abilities, and other identifying characteristics.
See the full Code of Conduct.