Last update: 8 April 2024: Opening the Treasure Hunt

We believe in the “build in public” concept and we add here the steps to build Interaction.Site

You can submit your ideas and requests


  • Add content translations to the main site (with the help of Lucisbot)
  • Add content in other languages in the multisite subsites (with the help of Lucisbot)
  • Create email campaigns and automations
  • Find language partners (for now looking for Spanish and Italian speakers), see more here
  • Move ISLE to a proper event booking plugin
  • Create promotional videos for social networks
  • Present the team
  • Start collaborative new projects and write a collaborative book with members


  • Run more ISLE , online and in person (Interaction Site Live Events)
  • Gather feedback and bug reports/missing or erroneous translations from subscribers and founding members


April 2024

  • Create and run the Treasure Hunt
  • Create email campaign for the Treasure Hunt
  • Create the main Community page for members with links to Activity and Forums

March 2024

  • Add content to the main site

February 2024

  • Corrected a bug for your accounts and membership payment
  • Adapted the display of forums and profiles

January 2024

December 2023

2 December

Coffee session in Torino, see ISLE

November 2023

19 November

We had an ISLE meeting in Verona

14 November

  • Bug fix, payment integration
  • Added this roadmap
  • Added the legal pages
  • Published 3 events

August-November 2023:

Feedback and help received at events and meetings with various developers and business owners (Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich, Lausanne, Washington, Biarritz, Madrid) and first low-key ISLE meetings.
(Thank you Michelle, Silvan, Florian, Erick, Javier, Pierre)

Past months:

Building the site with WordPress, multisite activated, and the following theme and plugins:

  • Spectra One theme – FSE
  • Spectra Blocks
  • PaidMemberships Pro + addons (BuddyPress, Courses, Multisite, WooCommerce)
  • Woo (ex. WooCommerce)
  • Fluent suite: FluentCRM, FluentForms, Fluent Support, Fluent SMTP
  • Uncanny Automator
  • BuddyPress
  • BBPress + bbpress-style-pack
  • WPML on the main site, Multisite Language Switcher between language subsites
  • Eventin (soon to be replaced by FluentBooking)
  • GamiPress
  • AI Engine
  • Complianz
  • Matomo
  • WPVivid
  • A few more

All integrations have been done, and the main site is also using WPML to be multilingual for your accounts, the orders and processes around your membership. Some strings and emails are not translated.

The multisite subsites will have their own languages and content, with Multisite Language Switcher, see above under “soon”.