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Welcome on Interaction.Site, whether you just pass by, or are already a founding member, we want to make sure you get the best!

Interaction.Site has been in the mind of its founder Patricia for years, and in the preparation in the last months! Thank you so much to all who helped, beta tested, showed up at ISLE (Interaction Site Live Events), watch your mailbox or messenger in the next days for a thank you discount coupon.

Opening a community with obviously 0 member to begin with is a bit daunting, and here we are! Daunting is not an obstacle, or is it one to overcome. In the world of online professional presence, we will face obstacles, that’s the reason why our first category is called “Mindset” and you’ll have access to live calls for Motivation sessions, Pomodoro Office Hours, and be matched with other members to form Mastermind and Accountability groups if you wish so!

Welcome to the community where you’ll never feel alone anymore creating your online presence.

See “What’s in it for you?” and join us for the Treasure Hunt, from 5 to 12 April 2024, with a new little treasure every day to collect! Subscribe here below and you’ll get a new email every day until 12 April.

Furthermore, there will never be a better moment to become a member, as the price to join Interaction.Site will soon be EUR 290/year (or EUR 29/month), and it’s 50% for the Founding Members at EUR 145/year.
Even better, during the Treasure Hunt and up to 12 April 2024, the price is even lower at EUR 130/year. It is a continuous discount = renew at the same price as long as you stay a member!

If you and I (Patricia) met through either Live Your Legend, WDS or the WordPress community, please contact for an additional discount (renews at the same price).

I can’t wait to meet you!

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